Monthly Evaluation Image Submission Dates and Categories

From September to April, we dedicate one meeting per month to an Evaluation Night. Members are invited to submit digital images to be evaluated by a panel of judges. Scores and constructive comments are given on each image, to educate members, and to improve the overall level of members’ photography.

Images are evaluated in the following categories:




 Natural Landscapes
 Pastoral Scenes


 Nature Photography
 Wildlife Photography



 Photo Journalism



 When it just won’t fit anywhere else

 Monthly Challenge

 A different theme for each   evaluation night, meant to   challenge your creativity.

Monthly Limit: Each month members will be allowed to enter up to 2 images into any of the regular categories and up to 2 images into the Monthly Challenge for a possible total of 4 images per monthly evaluation.

Photographs entered in the Monthly Challenge theme must conform to that theme and must “scream the theme”. Photographs entered in any of the other categories must conform to the category requirements. Further definitions of these standard themes are provided in the COPS Image Evaluation Guide.

Submission Dates and Monthly Challenge Themes

The Monthly Challenges for the current year are listed below, along with the image submission deadlines for the monthly evaluations.

Submission Deadline

Monthly Challenge Theme

Evaluation Date


 Sep 18


 Sep 20

 Any mechanical   device

 Oct 9

 Night Skies

 Oct 11

 Sunset to Sunrise   & anything   between

 Nov 6


 Nov 8


 Dec 11


 Dec 13


 Jan 8


 Jan 10


 Feb 5


 Feb 14

 Any season

 Mar 12


 Mar 14


 Apr 2

 Altered Reality

 Apr 4


 Apr 30


 May 2


The photos should be thoughtful, and capture the viewers' attention to make them think, admire or wish to try their own hand at making a similar photo.  The submissions should be captured in an interesting way via lighting, situation or during editing. A pen on a table is just that, but a pen laying in a silver case, with highlights bouncing off it, makes you realize it is not merely a pen, but The Pen. If you are really stuck for inspiration, you can browse the Internet for that photo theme and perhaps come up with a novel idea of showcasing your choice.

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